ESG Policy

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

We believe that ESG issues are material business matters. We therefore consider ESG policies in our strategic planning and day-to-day business operations. Our ESG policy covers a broad range of factors:


  • Pollution and disposal of waste products. As a company, we engage in the responsible disposal of waste. In addition, through a number of advocacy measures (including product branding and one-on-one contacts) we encourage our customers to dispose of used sanitary pads in environmentally responsible ways
  • Climate change and its potential impacts on our business, nation and the world we live in. We endeavor to minimize the negative impact of our business on our environment through such harmful activities such as carbon emissions, sea-level rises and increased frequency and intensity of severe weather events.
  • We also recognize and compliance fully with the laws of Uganda governing environmental protection: the National Environment Act 1995 and local government bye-laws.


  • We endeavor to maintain our ‘licence to operate’ – by actively managing our relationship with the community and civil society
  • We constructively manage relationships with our work force through maintaining a great workplace where our people prosper and love to work.
  • We effectively manage and provide transparency on the safety of our workforce.
  • We adhere to international conventions (such as those specified by the International Labour Organisation and the UN Declaration of Human Rights).
  • We maintain a diverse workforce, including gender diversity at senior levels within our company and on the board of directors.
  • We effectively manage of our supply chains and actively engage our suppliers to ensure that they do not generate any negative ESG impacts.


  • We have an effective, fit and proper board of directors who are independent from management.
  • We have implemented adequate transparency about the company’s operations, and a governance structure that demonstrates appropriate accountabilities.
  • We have a zero-tolerance for bribery or other corrupt practices; these policies are communicated to all our management and staff.